The activities carried out to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

our leadership Leading By Example
Sister Sharon Hayes

The goal of this ministry is to disciple, nurture, and equip our youngest members to become effective leaders within our church, local community and disciples for Jesus Christ. We do this by creating an environment that is conducive to personal growth based on biblical principles.



rowth based on biblical principles.

Deacon Naquan Bryant

Christ Temple’s Brotherhood serves as an extension of the Senior and Assistant Pastor of Christ Temple, while leading the charge for change in Social Justice. These proud brethren assist the church in every area of Ministry. We are a platform for men to share their thoughts, concerns, and ideas in a harmonious setting. All men are welcome to join.

Cana Ministry
Sister Marjorie Thomas

The purpose of Cana Ministry is to support the members of our church and community in their building of Christ-centered marriages and homes. We carry out this responsibility through workshops, trainings and other events that educate and encourage in the areas of marriage, family and health.



growth based on biblical principles.

Christian Education
Sister Margaret A. Roe

The purpose of the Christian Education Department is to help ensure that Christ Temple Church continues to be a learning community of faith at all age levels. Thus, the primary role of the Department is to coordinate learning opportunities that help to disciple, nurture and educate those who are part of our fellowship and to reach out to others in the community with these opportunities.

Deacon Richard Gore

To serve the members of the local congregation in any way he can. Visiting the sick, caring for the elderly, widows, orphans, working within the church, planning the budget, and taking care of all church business.




budget, and taking care of all church business.

Evangelism & Outreach
Elder John Butler

We are called to disciple and extend outside the four walls of the physical church building. Through the cleansing, renewing, and transformative power of Jesus Christ we believe that change is inevitable if you only believe.

Luke 14:23



Luke 14:23

Global Missions
Sister Gail Lea

Christ Temple’s influence in the global community reaches far beyond a visit to a faraway land but our presence and emphasis are reflected in love, financial support, evangelism, and fellowship. We ship barrels of food, clothing, shoes, toiletries, school supplies, etc. to several locations in the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, St. Lucia and Haiti.




supplies, etc. to several locations in the Caribbean, including the Dominican Republic, St. Lucia and Haiti.

Sister Joan Strawder

The purpose of the Missionary Department is to be helpers together with our Pastor and ministers in bringing souls to Christ. We, as helpers make ourselves available to help and assist where and when necessary. We embrace that part of the CT Mission statement that says: “To provide support for the needy and to create a fellowship of love and unity”. It is our desire to minister where we find ourselves, to help, to encourage and to give comfort and support for the work of the ministry.

Elder Clifton Webb

Our purpose and goal is to help usher in the presence of God and bring us to a whole other level through praise and worship and lifting up the most powerful name of Jesus Christ. Dedicated to the growth of our members from children to adults who love to sing Gods praises and bless the name of the lord. When the praises go up, the blessings come down.




the praises go up, the blessings come down.

Pastor’s Aide
Sister Rumell Funny

The Pastor’s Aide supports the Pastor and First Lady as they minister locally and abroad. The Aide also fashions innovative ways for the congregation to express appreciation and encouragement as the two labor in serving the Lord.





labor in serving the Lord.

Sister Mary James

The goal of the Prayer Ministry at Christ Temple of the Apostolic Faith is to facilitate the development, maintenance and growth of consistent individual and corporate prayer. As Christ Temple seeks to go to another level in God, we see a greater need for more meaningful, strategic and consistent prayer.We carry out the command of our Lord that His “house shall be called the house of prayer…” (Isaiah 56:7, Matthew 21: 13 and Mark 11: 17)

Reflection Support Group
Sister Gloria Rogers

Reflection Support Group seeks to minister particularly to those among us and outside of our walls who may be struggling in personal, spiritual or social areas of their lives. We have developed a strong affiliation through letter-writing and sharing of Bible-based material, and other supplies with men and women who are incarcerated. In some instances we are able to establish relationships with their families as well.




labor in serving the Lord.

The Fellowship Outreach Ministry
Minister Gil Fabian & Sister Eisha Fabian

The mission of the Fellowship Outreach Ministry is to provide ministry and care unto even “the least of these”. We demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus in our weekly outreach church at a Bronx substance abuse program, as well as the distribution of donated clothing,blankets and personal care kits to needy adults and children in the metropolitan area.
We share the Word of God so that many will learn of Christ, repent, and be baptized, receive God’s Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) and then be discipled in their new life.

Sister Josephine Prime


The ushers serve the Lord in two significant ways:
1. Doing their very best to help visitors feel welcome.
2. Working to create an atmosphere that is conducive to worship.




labor in serving the Lord.

Women’s Council
Sister Karen Gore

Christ Temple’s Women’s Council’s focus is on helping to resolve issues that are pertinent to women in the social, educational, health, mental, emotional and spiritual arenas.
This auxiliary serves the church in a variety of ways as it fosters solidarity among the women, helping to build up their confidence and faith in God and equipping them to better handle the issues and concerns in their world—family, friends, work and church.

Youth Ministry
Elder Daryl Harris

The goal of the youth ministry of Christ Temple is to develop strong, mature Christ- centered believers. We believe that young people can be change agents. They can affect their generation in a positive way. Therefore, our ministry is committed to making sure they are equipped to minister in this present age.