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Social Justice

Social Justice Ministry: God of Justice But let judgement run down as waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream

The primary focus of social justice is to place the God of Justice at the center of the work we do and to disrupt a narrative that separates human beings from each other. Social justice reminds us of our collective responsibility to aid and support the poor, the needy and the disenfranchise among us. We are to restore those who have been made victims of world systems to wholeness and dignity so they may become full participating members of their community. Lastly we are to confront the social and political systems that reinforce a false narrative based on a faulty assumption regarding who is valuable and who is not.


Social justice looks at humanity and nature from God’s eternal perspective.
We look not only at our temporary human condition but our eternal destiny. We are created by a powerful loving God who cares for his creation. Creation is God’s love song to us – upon creating his handiwork, God said of His creation, it is good.  Therefore creation is valuable and worthy of God’s care.


Justice then is the work of every believer to help re-establish God’s kingdom.
Justice connects us back to ways that value human beings regardless of race, gender, social or economic status. Every human being is God’s creation. Therefore justice speaks to how we engage political social and economic systems which have polarized, disenfranchised, and reinforce a narrative that demoralizes us all. Justice seeks the highest good and confronts a world system which invalidates God’s creation.


Justice looks to God who is at the center creation.
God’s response to human suffering is pragmatic and unapologetic. Creation has been violated and judgement is God’s response. Social justice then is carrying out God’s plan of restoration through his people for the purpose bringing peace to His